Why a Woman Rejects You

The only thing worse than being rejected is… hmm. There isn’t anything worse. The embarrassment, the feeling you aren’t good enough, that feeling like you just got punched in the stomach yet no one touched you… It really is the number one reason guys and girls do a whole lot of looking and not a lot of talking. That fear of rejection is a huge motivator to not meet or approach anyone new. But that’s also neither fun nor realistic. We all want the excitement of meeting new people, starting new relationships, and possibly finding that one special person. So, the only way to prevent rejection is to figure out the reasons behind it. Why would a woman reject you?

Let’s discuss the most obvious reason- appearance. Shallow? Yes. Realistic? Absolutely. The way you look is the only thing a woman knows about you. It’s the first impression. If you don’t take pride in the way you look then why would you take pride in anything else? If you don’t care about your appearance, this translates as you wouldn’t care about anything else. If you neglect your appearance, women interpret that like you would neglect her. If you can’t put forth the effort to have an attractive appearance, then you wouldn’t put forth the effort in her. See how bad that all sounds? Don’t let that be you. No one wants to be with a scruffy, smelly, dirty guy with greasy hair. Instead, make sure you are well groomed- haircut, showered, shaven and smelling good. Make sure to clean under your fingernails too. Women do not want you to hand her a beer with dirty, grubby hands. Plus this shows you pay attention to small, but important, details. Also, don’t wear clothes that your grandma would love (unless you have a very hip grandma). Make sure your clothes are stylish, ironed, and clean. Take the time to show that you care about how you look. Don’t give her an easy reason to reject you.

Just as important as your appearance is your attitude and personality. Women can sometimes look past average looks if a guy has a great attitude and personality. We have all seen that chubby guy with the hot girl. How did that happen? Great personality and great attitude. If you really love yourself and come across as cocky, then you might as well line up behind her ex-boyfriend. It’s not a secret that women do not like jerks. They like people who are funny, nice, sensitive, and listen to what they have to say. They like guys who treat people with respect and are polite. If these traits are not on your list of attributes, you lose.

If you are obnoxious, over-bearing, interrupt her, and always talk about yourself, then you might as well date yourself because no woman will want you. Whether you act like this because you are trying to impress her, make yourself look good, are acting out of insecurity, or it’s your natural personality- change it. If what you’re doing is getting you dirty looks, rolled eyes, and lots of women walking away, then it’s not working for you.

Of course there are other reasons that a woman may not be interested in you. Maybe you don’t have much in common, maybe she already is interested in someone else, and maybe she dated your cousin in 9th grade. But the only way you will find these things out is if you get the chance to talk to her. Don’t give her a reason to disregard you from the start. Now that you know some of the reasons why women reject you, you can take the steps to fix yourself and start fresh.