What a Woman Expects From a Man

I know it’s not news to you that relationships are difficult. Heck, just meeting women can be a chore. But once we jump those hurdles and luckily find ourselves that beautiful lady, how can we make it successful if we don’t even know what she wants or expects? You have to go into this with your eyes open and knowing what she wants. Most women expect the same thing from every man she dates. If you want to succeed, you must meet these expectations.

So let’s arm ourselves with this knowledge so we have the best chances possible.First and foremost, women expect respect. They expect it in every aspect of the relationship. They want you to value their opinions, ideas, and beliefs. They expect you to support and understand their feelings. And beyond mental and emotional respect, they want physical respect. You must know their physical boundaries before you can move on to a physical relationship. Respecting a woman’s body may possibly be more important than respecting a woman’s mind. Her body truly is her temple. You must respect every part of it and not push past her limits until she is ready. If she feels you don’t respect her emotionally, mentally, and especially physically, she will be out the door. There are no second chances if you don’t respect her.

The other main expectation she has is to be treated like a queen. Her whole life she was told she was a princess, and now it’s your job to live up to that expectation. Let’s start with manners. Pull her chair out, open her car door, hold the door as you enter a building, and always put her first. You never see a queen having to take care of these mundane tasks herself, and our lady doesn’t expect to do them herself either.

Along with your manners, be romantic. Women expect romance. The movies show women how meaningful and hot relationships should look, so that’s what she expects. Romance. And don’t use the excuse that you are not a romantic guy. It actually is a lot easier than you think. Add compliments- APPROPRIATE compliments. How beautiful she is, how you think of her when she isn’t there, how when you are with her the rest of the world disappears… you know what I’m talking about. The stuff we think is cheesy, she loves. As long as you say it like you mean it and are sincere, then she will eat it up.

Next they expect you to follow up with romantic gestures. Holding her hand, kissing her cheek, buying the occasional flower, and maybe putting your hand on her back while she enters a room in front of you. These are all great examples of simple gestures. Another easy one is sticking up for her. Women love the chivalrous act of being protected. I am not saying have a shoot out in the street to defend her honor. But if someone is rude to her, stick up for her. If someone is putting her down for what she thinks or says, verbally side with her whether you agree or not to show her you are always on her side.

Finally, she expects you to be romantic (and effective) in the bedroom. Remember we said her body is temple? Well a temple needs worshipped, loved, and treated with care. Follow her lead in bed and she will be happy. Do what she wants, what she likes, and what she needs and you will not only be meeting, but exceeding, her expectations.

These are simple, yet important, expectations that can make or break what you are trying to do. Knowledge is power and now you know what she expects from you. Your only job is to make sure you are meeting these expectations.