Top 10 Relationship Killers

The most confusing part about the end of any relationship is WHERE DID I GO WRONG?  You think everything is going so well, and then your girlfriend starts to act odd or different; then she ends it.   She explains that she is just not attracted to you anymore or she just doesn’t “feel” the same.  If this is the case for you, you may be guilty of some of these top 10 Attraction Killers:

  • Too comfortable in the relationship.  Has your hygiene slipped due to the sense of false security in the relationship?  Have you stopped getting your ritual haircuts, shaving on a regular basis, and started living in sweats?  A woman wants to know she is as special on day 100 as she was on day 1.  You cannot let yourself go because you found love.  Don’t let complacency ruin your relationship.
  • Your manners have fallen to the wayside. Leave your bad manners at the bar with your buddies.  If you no longer hold the door, hold her hand, use a tissue, or pick up the tab on your dates, she is going to lose interest.  She wants you to stay a gentleman throughout the relationship.
  • Obnoxious behavior.  Are you trying too hard to impress her?  Do you have overly dramatic facial expressions, an over-the-top laugh, or maybe laugh at everything she says?  She can tell this is insincere, and honestly, it is embarrassing for her for you to act that way.
  • Selfish rather selfless.  Have you stopped telling her how beautiful she looks, how funny she is, and what you love about her?  Are you too busy watching the game, stuck at the office, or working in the garage to remember that she needs attention too?  The smallest SINCERE compliment can go a long way.  Not because she is insecure, but she knows that you are thinking about her.
  • Lack of communication.  Have you stopped the little texts throughout the day telling her how much you love her or miss her?  Do you ask her how her day was?  Have you asked her anything about the parts of her life that do not involve you?  Women need to know that you care about the small things, as well as the obvious things in her life.
  • Too much bragging.  No woman wants to hear how great you were in football 15 years ago, how you graduated top of your class, how you make the most money in your office, that you are the best guitar player in your band, and that you don’t even have to work out that much to get your buff body.  They especially don’t want to hear this all in one conversation.  It’s ok to be proud of yourself, but this behavior goes back to being obnoxious and selfish.
  • Taking advantage of her.  If you break dates, are not as punctual as you use to be, and stop offering your help when she needs it, she is going to be bitter.  Bitter is the worst feeling a woman can feel and is a definite relationship killer.  She will remind you that she will not always be there to be taken advantage of.
  • Not listening to what she feels is important.  If your girlfriend is crying about her horrible day at work, whether you think it warrants tears or not, you need to listen.  By asking questions, and making empathetic comments, she will feel important.  She doesn’t want to hear about how your day was worse or that she gets upset over petty problems.  She wants you to agree and validate what she is feeling.
  • Not supporting or defending her in public.  If someone is rude to your girlfriend, you should stick up for her.  Even if she is capable of defending herself, she needs to know that you have her back and support her.  Don’t let that sales worker snub her, or let anyone talk down to her.  Show her you feel she is important.
  • Lack of loyalty.  Women are loyal by nature.  They defend the ones they love whether they are right or wrong.  She will always be in your corner.  She expects the same from you.  So, if she gets into an argument with your friend, your mother, or even the neighbor, DO NOT side with anyone but her.  If you don’t stand by her, she will feel betrayed, and that leads to bitter- and we already discussed where that will lead.

Take into consideration these 10 Attraction Killers when thinking about all of your failed or failing relationships.  Just being aware of you behavior is the first step in fixing it.