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Tired of being alone? Sick of being jealous of your friends that can snag any girl at any time? Embarrassed of the same old pick up lines that have failed you time and time again? There is no better time than the present to make a change in your life. YOU should be getting the girls. YOU should be the one deciding which girl of many to take out Friday night. YOU should be the one in charge and in control of your social life.

Learn how to attract women, keep them interested, and create successful relationships in one easy step. Drum roll please…. introducing FB Inception. This special guide will give you the knowledge and techniques you need to know for using Facebook as the first step to dating.

FB Inception Dating System

Stop asking your friends, your dad, or your local bartender the tricks to picking up women. All you need is this well-researched knowledge to point you in the right direction. FB Inception is more than your basic how-to guide. It’s filled with tips, techniques, and proven ideas that will jump-start your social life both on Facebook and your local hangouts. Learn how women think, what they want, how they react, and how to please them. Better yet, learn how to use all of this knowledge to your advantage and spice up your love life. FB Inception does not stop there.

Everyone needs a little guidance on what do next. Once you have learned to get the girl, this information filled guide will teach you how to keep her. This guide will tell you what to do (and more importantly what NOT to do) not just on Facebook, not just on a date, but in the actual relationship you will have thanks to all of your new found knowledge. It will give you tips on how to prepare you mentally and physically for dating, kissing, and taking the relationship to the next level the SUCCESSFUL way.

Learn what you can do to make yourself more attractive and more appealing to all the women you want.Not only does FB Inception teach you, guide you, and help you manage your social life, it helps you do all of this on Facebook. Take advantage of the most popular social outlet in the world. You have access to every woman of every race, nationality, and background.

Where else can you find so many beautiful and interesting women all in one spot? FB Inception will teach you how to benefit from this type of social media. Don’t let all those opportunities to meet women slide away because you don’t know how to date on Facebook, or worse yet, you are doing it wrong.

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Take all the stress out of your social life and use FB Inception as your Facebook dating survival guide. The only thing you have to lose… are more dates on Friday night. Be the man you want to be, and the man SHE wants you to be, by getting FB Inception now.