Social Media – Good Or Bad?

Connected. Social media. Everywhere you turn, you see someone “connected”. No matter where you are, you see people consumed with social media sites. Those are the new buzz words that describe our society. We are always “connected,”– not just the USA or China or Australia, but everyone- we are globally connected. We are globally connected through social media. Everyone has an opinion about how people are so consumed with their personal technology, but the truth remains. Good, bad, or indifferent, the world is constantly connected.

Personally, I think being able to find anything I want, research whatever I want, learn something new anytime I want, and meet new people any time of the day is quite effective and efficient. Instant gratification really isn’t so bad… I hear a lot of people complaining about how kids and teens are addicted to their phones and tablets. I have heard the argument that in today’s world no one knows how to personally interact anymore; no one knows how to have a “real” conversation. But the key word that is always included in these rants and complaints is “in today’s world.”

Well, today’s world has evolved, so people need to evolve too. Today’s world is changing faster than many can catch up. Today’s world is full of phones, tablets, computers, and laptops that give people instant access to whatever they want- information, answers and people. You can’t go anywhere without people, talking, clicking, swiping, or texting. Restaurants come Wi-Fi equipped- well, the successful ones do, and mobile companies have provided instant internet access from anywhere. At any given time, you can find who and what you are looking for within minutes, if not seconds.

So, instead of complaining about the new technology, embrace it. Social media has taken over the world. It is the way today’s world interacts and has “real” conversations. We talk, laugh, joke, and chat just like the good ol’ days; we just no longer have to wait. We can find friends, partners, relationships, and lovers quickly, efficiently, and anytime we choose. From work, the library, the subway, waiting for the bus, sitting in your living room, in line at the dry cleaners, and in your kitchen while making dinner- the world and all its options are available at your fingertips.

People need to learn to take advantage of what always being connected has to offer. There are so many possibilities to make life more fun, more fulfilling, and more active while frequenting social media sites. The possibilities of meeting new people and making new connections is a 24/7, always-open-for-business opportunity. People are no longer dependent on external factors– what time someone is “free” for dinner, what time bars and clubs open and close, how close or far someone lives…. We are completely in control of our social lives. Social media and the ability to be connected at any time has given us the freedom to be with people whenever and wherever we want. So use it- love it! Make it work for you.

The future of personal interaction, the idea of a global society, and the anticipated notion of a world that never closes is NOW. Take advantage of it and love all the opportunities today’s world has to offer.