Single for Valentine’s Day?

Single for Valentine’s Day? No problem. Are your buddies spending a romantic evening with dinner, chocolates, and an expensive restaurant with their ladies? Who cares? Let’s out this special day in perspective. Valentine’s Day is a woman’s day. The only reason we even participate is to get to Valentine’s night. They want the gifts, flowers, balloons, and romantic evenings, and other tokens of love. When was the last time you saw a guy so upset because his girlfriend did’ spend the evening watching the big game with him and drinking beer?Exactly – you have never seen that. Don’t let Hollywood and all those card and flowers commercials get you down. You do not need to have a steady girl, or even a pre-set date to make Valentine’s Day great. As a matter of fact, your day will be so much better if you are single.

So you ask, how are you supposed to enjoy Valentine’s Day, the day of celebrating love, when you have no one to share it with? It sounds like a very difficult situation but it really is quite simple. Let’s think of the advantages of not having a girlfriend on this special day. First, look how much money you are saving. No expensive dinners, jewelry, sappy girly movies, or double dates with her best friend whose boyfriend you can’t stand. You do not have to spend money doing things you would rather not be doing anyway. You do not have to try to impress your lady with how much money you would spend to show her how much you love her on this one special day. Just that alone should make your day a little better.

Now add the fact that you do not have the stress that every other boyfriend out there has- making Valentine’s Day the best, most romantic day of the year. You do not have to find the perfect gift- the one she loves, the one that shows her how special she is, the one that proves how well you really know her…. The gift that no guy can find without the help of a girl.

You also do not have to find a restaurant that she has never been to, that is high-class, and that you can afford. No reservations to make (or forget to make) and no time wasted finding the perfect place. The stress and pressure of the gift and restaurant combination are enough to ruin Valentine’s Day for you days before it even gets here. You do not have to worry about planning out the most romantic night she has ever experienced. There is no anxiety over the fact that if this night isn’t perfect, she may end up dumping you anyway. With all that going on, what guy is really enjoying Valentine’s Day?

Consider yourself lucky to be single on Valentine’s Day. You can decide last minute to hit the bars or social scene and meet all the girls who do not have boyfriends. Every hottie in that bar is either single, or completely pissed at her boyfriend because he did nothing for her for Valentine’s Day. Perfect pickins for you. Wander over to the one of your liking, talk about how you wish you had someone as special and wonderful as her to spend this day with, buy a few beers, and you will end up getting as much (if not more) than your friends in relationships. You will get the late night perks without wasting time, money, and tons of unneeded stress.

Didn’t I tell you that having a great Valentine’s Day when you are single was easy? Count your blessings that you are not tied to one girl that night and that you get to do what YOU want to do. So go out and eat wings, drink beer, be relaxed and STILL find the hot girl to spend Valentine’s night with.