Signals a Woman is Interested in You

You see that girl sitting with her friends at the bar. She is drinking your favorite long drink, singing along to some of your favorite songs and you think you just might pick up the next round. Maybe you will have the bartender deliver it though, just incase she isn’t that into you. That way, you can play it safe, and you won’t have to face that rejection. But what if she IS into you and you are wasting a chance to go talk to her? Then you’re not only out the money spent on drinks, but also a possible new relationship. How are guys suppose to figure out if a woman is interested in them or not?

Women are smart creatures. They know that they do not have to be forward and up front to get a man’s attention. But men are not always equally as smart, and can miss every cue a woman throws their way. If they are observant enough to pick up some signals, they have no idea what they mean. But there are sure-fire ways to tell if a woman is interested.

If you see that girl sitting with her friends at the bar, the first thing you need to do is make sure she sees you. Why? Because facial expressions are everything. Women depend on nonverbal communication to tell you what they are thinking. When you finally catch her eye, pay close attention to what happens next. Does she quickly turn away and never make eye contact again? Does she have a blank expression as if you aren’t even there? Does she pretend to be looking at the jukebox when you try to catch her eye? If so, then move on. On the other hand, does she linger a minute, slowly blink, and then turn away? Does she maybe turn a slight shade of pink? Does she instantly start laughing and talking with her friends? If the answer to any of these is yes, then you are well on your way to a good start. If she looks back at you again, that is a sure sign she is interested. Add a smile to that look, and you should take the next step and introduce yourself.

Wanting to appear smooth and confident, you buy her a drink and take it over to her. You introduce yourself and make small talk. Now what? How do you know if you should stay or if you have worn out your welcome? Look for these signals to pull up a stool and join the party. Does she introduce you to her friends? Does she smile a lot while making eye contact, then bashfully look down when you smile back? Does she do the ever-famous hair flip? Actually, anything that has to do with the hair, the flip, the twist, putting it behind her ear, pulling her fingers through it- is a positive cue. Go ahead and pull up an extra seat. As the night goes on, there are several more signals that show she is interested. Standing or sitting close, touching your arm, lightly hitting you when you joke around, and “falling” into you in a crowded place are just a few clues to show that she is into you.

But what if you aren’t in the comforts of a bar? What if you happen to see someone across the street, on a bus, or in a parking lot as you walk to your car? Just because the environment changes doesn’t mean the nonverbal cues will change. Now that you know what to look for, the eye contact, hair flips, smiles, and light arm touches, you can translate them as positive signals in any situation.