Powerful Dating Tips

When you are trying to land that special woman it seems that the hardest part is finding her and getting her to notice you… until you go out. Then the hardest part seems to be what to do and how to do it. The worry sets in of making a great impression, keeping her interested, and of course having a great time. Don’t take the fun out of dating and relationships by worrying and sweating the small stuff. If you follow these dating tips, YOU are guaranteed to have a fun-filled, stress-free, great time.The first of many dating tips is to be unselfish. That’s right- thinking about someone besides yourself. Put her first. From where you go to what you do, keep her interests and desires in mind. When she sees how much thought you put into her, she will feel important, and that’s the most important dating tip there is.

Another one of the most important dating tips is to be interesting. Tell her the fun stuff about yourself, stories that keep her engaged, and if you know what she is interested in or likes, you can gear your conversations towards her. Don’t tell her about how you got into a fight if she is against violence. Don’t talk about random facts, trivial knowledge, or irrelevant information unless you know she likes that sort of thing. If not, it will seem like you are just reaching for anything you can find to keep a conversation going.

Out of all the dating tips you have ever heard or read, these two may be the best. Remain positive and respectful. Not just towards her, but your attitude and outlook in general. Remember when your mom said if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all? Apply that here. Be respectful of her thoughts and opinions. You don’t have to agree, but you don’t have to be abundantly against her views either. Also, keep your judgements about other people to yourself. She may not want to hear you make fun of someone for looking different, making different choices than you, or living a different lifestyle.

Now remember I said being positive is also one of the best dating tips? No one wants to hear somebody constantly complain about the weather, the news, the world, or even the food they are eating. Of course life is not always good, but to put a positive spin on things makes you look happy, comfortable, and at ease. Does the food suck? You can point it out without grumbling and complaining. Is it raining for the 10th day in a row? No one likes it either, but they don’t like when you complain even more. Putting a humorous spin on all the crap you hate is a great way to say you aren’t happy without dragging everyone down with you.

And that brings me to the one of the final foolproof dating tips. Humor. Be funny! Make her laugh. Laughing means she is enjoying herself and that’s exactly what you want. Why? Because people always want to return to fun, enjoyable situations (that would be you).

As guys, we are sometimes hit with advice and dating tips from friends, movies, magazines, etc. But I like to keep things simple. There is no reason to confuse yourself with a host of dating tips that don’t work or aren’t necessary. All you have to do is be unselfish, interesting, positive, respectful, and funny. I guarantee that these are the only dating tips you will need.