How To Pass A Woman’s Test

Let’s face it; when we are dating women, or even trying to start the relationship, guys feel like they have to “pass the test” to get the woman to be with him. Sometimes I feel like I am a poodle jumping through hoops to make her see that I am the best guy for her. I don’t know if women purposefully create these tests, or us guys bring it on ourselves, but the pressure of passing is just way too stressful. What if there was a way to bypass these tests and get her to pursue us?

I know it sounds like a dream, but there has to be a way to forego the “woman test” and get her to chase after us. There is a way to get her to want to impress us, to get her to want us to think highly of her, to get her to jump through the hoops. Rather than go out of our way to prove we are worthy of her affection, make her want to prove herself to us.

I have found the key that unlocks this magic door.

What is the number 1 thing that women want from a man? ATTENTION. They have all these tests because they want to see what we are willing to do for her. They crave this attention, need it to feel loved, and want it from guys. So, what would happen if you met a girl, showered her with attention, and then stopped? What if you took the attention away? You know what would happen? She would chase you. This is how you turn the tables, put yourself in charge, and get her to pursue you.

In order for this to work, however, you have to set the right environment. You may have to jump some hoops to get her intrigued. You will have to show her that you are a catch, the best thing for her, before the place-switch can take place. You need her to depend on you for attention, affection, companionship, and to make everything right for her. Maybe you are her shoulder to cry on, the one she depends on to make her feel special, the guy that is there to always tell her she’s beautiful, even on her not-so-pretty days. Once you become that guy, she will need you. This is the magic moment when the tables turn.

I am not saying that at this point you should be a jerk to her. I am saying you need to make her realize how important you have become to her. Maybe your usual Wednesday night date needs postponed until Thursday. If you tell her this, what do you think will go through her mind? YOU. All night long she will be thinking of you. What are you doing? Who are you with? This is exactly what you want her to do. Then when Thursday comes, who is not just happy but relieved that she is with you? SHE IS. If your nightly texts telling her how wonderful she is start to slow down, she will start to text you. If your daily calls to see how her day is going start happening just twice a week, she will call you. Slowly but surely she will start doing anything to get your attention.

At this point, you are exactly where you want to be. No more tests, no more hoops, no more trying to prove yourself. YOU ARE IN CHARGE; she knows what a wonderful prize she has in you, she appreciates the role you play in her life, and she now realizes how important you have become to her. Once you are her number 1 need, the tables have turned and you can sit back and relax.