How to Make Women Approach You

Wouldn’t it be great if you no longer had to worry about going up to women that you were interested in? I admit that I am a little jealous that women get to go out with their friends with no other worries than what they are going to wear. They get to drink, laugh, and have a great time knowing that if someone is interested in them, they have to do nothing but sit there. I would like to be able to have that carefree life where women approach me and are overly concerned about picking me up. What do I have to do to make this a reality? Well here are some tips that will let you sit back and relax while the women you want approach you.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you look good. It may sound shallow, but appearances make the first impression. If you want a girl to talk to you, she has to like what she sees. You have to catch her eye with your well-groomed face and hair, stylish and up-to-date clothes, and don’t forget to smell good. Women are very particular by nature, so you have to be the whole package to stand out. Remember that women are use to guys approaching them. It takes a special guy to get her to come to you. So take pride in your appearance. If you know you are looking good, then your confidence will soar, and women will pick up on that.

Confidence is key. Women notice a man who feels good in his own skin. So, while you are interacting with friends, bartenders, or anyone else in the place, you want to exude confidence. Smile, be relaxed, work the room, and look carefree. It is easy to cross the line from confident to cocky, however, so be careful. Confidence shows that you are comfortable with yourself and proud of who you are. Cocky is an in-your-face kind of attitude that says that you are your own favorite person. No woman wants to compete with your ego for your attention. If you want a woman to approach you, then she has to want to be proud to be seen with you, and there is nothing sexier than a confident guy.

Once you look good, feel good, and are enjoying where you are, you need to make sure that she sees you having a great time. The way you interact with your friends and handle yourself in public is the first thing a woman will notice. Smiles and laughter are the most attractive part of you to a woman, so use them. If you are laid back, comfortable, and easy-going, then she will interpret that as approachable. On the other hand, if you are loud, obnoxious, or aggressive she will consider you a problem and not worth the work. A loud bunch of drunk guys is intimidating to a woman. So, create, and be a part of, an open and inviting environment. If the atmosphere seems open and comfortable, she will be much more willing to approach you.

As you see, it is pretty simple to get a woman to notice you and approach you. The days of rehearsing lines, taking a deep breath, and sweaty palms just to talk to a woman are over. It’s her turn to approach you. Looking good leads to feeling good. Feeling good leads to confidence. Confidence leads to comfort. And women are more likely to approach a welcoming, comfortable situation. If you follow these suggestions, you should be able to go out, have a good time, enjoy yourself, and let the women approach you.