How to Land That First Kiss

No matter how old you are, nothing is as nerve-wracking and stress inducing as that first kiss. We worry about the timing, the advancement, the reaction… So many things go through our heads when trying to take the first step. Here are some tips to ensure that your first kiss is not your last.

1) Make sure the girl is into you.  There are guys out there that assume that every girl that accepts a date is also willing to accept physical advancements.  However, that is not the case.  So before you make a huge mistake, make sure the physical attraction is mutual.

2) Use your body language.  Women are much more adept at picking up body language and nonverbal cues than men are.  Therefore, every eye twitch, light touch, and head nod will send meaning.  So, make sure you are sending positive meanings.  Lean in to show you are interested, nod your head to show you are paying attention to what she has to say, put your hand on the small of her back to lead her in front of you through the door.  These are simple communication tactics that show you are interested and attracted without even having to say a word.

3) Understand her body language.  If a woman is gazing into your eyes, standing close to you, and smiling and looking away, chances are she is feeling the attraction too.  If her eyes are darting around, she refuses to hold your look, or stands with her arms crossed, then things are not looking good for you.  Recognize it and respect it.

4) Be appropriate. Women are much more attracted to a sincere and meaningful conversation, rather than one that is full of sexual innuendoes.  If you have not even had the first kiss yet, you definitely want to avoid explicit language or bedroom talk.  This will keep your intentions understood and the atmosphere more comfortable.  It will also make your date trust you as you show her this respect.

5) Put your personality to work for you.  We all know that physical attraction is very important; however it isn’t enough to hold a woman’s attention.  A woman has to feel connected, respected, and desired in order to move forward physically.  So don’t rely on your good looks to get that kiss. Instead, use your personality, charm, sincere compliments, and ask her questions about her life to show you are interested in more than just a physical goal.

6) Use her desire for you.  If you have followed the last 5 steps, you know by now if she likes you.  Use it to your advantage.  The more you resist, the more she is engaged.  If she is touching your arm, putting her head on your shoulder, flirtatiously laughing and smiling into your eyes, then you have her. That doesn’t mean you have to act immediately.  Let the desire grow as the night goes on.

7) Patience. Once you have her wanting you, you are in charge. Don’t rush it. The more you let those feelings burn, the more she will want to move forward. Don’t look at it so much as a cat and mouse game where the chase is always more fun. In that case, once the chase is over, so is the attraction. Instead, look at it as an investment; the more you let it grow, the more interest accrues and the eventual payoff will be well worth it.

8) Make sure she is ready and prepared.  Nobody wants to be caught off guard when being kissed.  A surprise kiss on the cheek can show adoration and playfulness, but a sneaky first-time kiss can be disastrous. If you need to rely on the cliché moves you see on TV of leaning in, making eye contact, looking at her lips, and then kissing her, then use them. It is much better to do that, then to go for the kiss when she isn’t expecting it and bump heads or bite lips.  This is totally avoidable by just taking natural steps, following her cues, and letting the kiss happen naturally.

Remember when following these guidelines to keep respect in the front of your mind at all times. When a woman feels respected then she will allow herself to trust you. And trust is the only way to move to the next level. These 8 tips won’t guarantee that you will get that first kiss, but they will greatly increase your chances for success.