How To Have A One Night Stand

For whatever reason, some guys just don’t want a relationship. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want the sex. Hence, The One Night Stand. It’s perfectly acceptable to want to spend only a certain amount of time with one woman. It is also perfectly acceptable to want to sexually interact during this limited amount of time. If you want to have one night of pleasure and then go on your happy way, let me give you some tips on how to successfully do that.

You’re going out for the night with your friends and looking to have good time. You’re drinking, dancing, laughing- and all of a sudden you see this is sweet thing walk in. Knowing full well that you have no intention of a relationship, your just looking for a good time, makes it easier to go up and talk to her. You aren’t worried about hurt feelings or rejection because there are plenty of women that will sleep with you if she doesn’t. You approach her and start talking to her. Now what?

If your intent is to get her to go home with you, you must portray yourself as a guy that she can trust.She won’t go home with someone that she thinks is creepy or unsafe. So, you have to make yourself seem sweet and kind and the kind of guy that would never physically hurt her. A lot of smiling and joking will help. Always be honest an don’t let her catch you in a lie. Avoid stories about crazy parties, other one night stands, other girls you have met at the bar, or anything that has to do with dumb, erratic, drunken behavior. Do not come on too strong by giving her too much attention or overshadowing the conversation with flattery. This tends to lead to her thinking you are a bit too creepy.

Once a nice rapport is set, you can enjoy the evening with her by dancing, light conversation, and drinks. As the night goes on, see how she responds to your affection. Does she let you dance close to her? Does she let you put your arm around her? Is she comfortable being close you? If you feel the answer is yes, before the night ends, you have to go for the kiss. If you get that, your night is set.

Once you are back at your place, or wherever you are going to go, the fun can start. But for this to be a successful experience, the AFTER MATH must go smoothly as well. You know you don’t want a relationship so make sure you never mention future plans. Do not mention taking her anywhere, seeing her anywhere, or even hinting about future contact. (No numbers, no texts, no tweets, no emails). Do not mislead her into thinking that there will be anything after this night. Lying makes you a jerk and you don’t want that type of reputation. Be honest. If she asks anything about your plans, wants, or expectations, you must risk the sex by telling her the truth. However, the girl is more willing to have sex with you if she knows what to expect because then she has no pressure or worries either. She knows exactly what she is getting and can relax and enjoy.

Even if you told her that there will be no romance following your escapade, make sure you do not stay around to snuggle, eat , watch TV, and do not stay the whole night. Lingering around after sex opens up the doors of emotions. Do not get to know each other or become familiar with each other as this leads to what you are avoiding. In order to have a successful one night stand, you must leave (no kiss good-bye) and make a clean break. Hence, the perfect one night stand.

One night stands are not as bad as people make them out to be. In this day and age of sexual exploration and sexual acceptance, women are more likely to want or accept a one night stand. So take advantage of it and follow my tips so that it can a clean, fun, stress-free experience.