How Facebook Has Changed the Dating World

Thanks to Facebook, it has never been easier to date. From finding a girl, meeting a girl, talking to a girl, getting to know a girl, to starting relationship- all can be done on the ever-famous Facebook. You now have access to millions of girls from everywhere. You are no longer limited to the 3 good-looking girls in the center of the bar that every guy in the place is drooling over. You no longer have to work up the courage to go over and introduce yourself with the risk of looking stupid if she rejects you. You no longer have to go from club to club to find someone worth your time. You have every type of woman available to you at the flick of a screen.

Finding the girl. Whether you surf Facebook, see friend’s other friends, see comments from other people’s posts, or see people tagged in pictures, there is a limitless amount of women out there. There are women from every country, language, and religion. Women of every shape and size are out there, ALL on Facebook. You have access to more women than you could ever meet in a bar in a lifetime. It is a very opportunistic environment. So maybe you find a few you think are very attractive. The days of having to talk to her to find out what she likes, or if you are compatible, are over. Now you can look at her profile, scan some more pictures, see of she has the same interests that you have, and make a decision if you want to move forward, all without her even knowing you are there. If you find that you aren’t that interested after all, no hurt feelings, no rejection, and no embarrassing scene. You just simply go to another profile. No harm done. The same is true for girls. They have access to YOU. You are available to more women than ever. Therefore, the environment is perfect for finding a partner.

Meeting the girl. Let’s say you find a hot girl (or she found you) that shares the same interests as you. Perfect. No more encouraging speeches from friends, no more people watching you hit on her, and no more money spent on having to buy her that first beer to break the ice. Now you can just friend her, chat with her, and message her. You don’t have to worry about saying anything stupid; you can just delete it. You don’t have to worry about what you have on, if you have shaved, or if you even showered. You are safe behind the screen to let your just your personality shine. Let’s say it isn’t working out like you planned. If she isn’t interested in you, it doesn’t matter. If she isn’t all you thought she would be, who cares? Let’s be honest- the worst part of rejection is when someone knows it happened. Facebook prevents all that from happening. If she rejects you or you reject her, no one knows, no one cares, and no one is that affected. You just move on.

Competition. Another great thing Facebook has brought to us is the idea of a lack of competition. In a social setting you may see that one girl you have been trying to get the courage to talk to all night. Then you see another guy go up and talk to her first. BUST. You back down, grab a beer, and head to the pool table with your buddies. On Facebook, you wouldn’t even know if a guy beat you to her. Your confidence is sky high because you are secure in the fact that you aren’t competing for her. In a bar, there may only be a few girls hot enough to spark your interest, and there is a good chance those same few girls are sparking everyone else’s interest too. On Facebook, because of the amount of gorgeous women available, there are plenty to choose from so you and the next guy do not have to vie over the same girl. There is enough to go around. Don’t forget that it’s a numbers game!

For several reasons, Facebook has created an easy, relaxing, fair dating ground for everybody. It has changed the dating world into a confident and secure place to meet somebody. If you use all the opportunities Facebook has to offer, you will find that it has changed the dating world in a positive way, and will enhance your dating life too.