Facebook Joins The Dating Game

The dating world is changing and evolving at a faster rate than ever before. It’s not news that social media has opened up the dating world in a way that has never been available before. We all know someone who has met their current partner through Facebook.

Maybe they accidentally came across a friend’s hotty cousin’s profile or luckily saw someone intriguing while posting on a common wall or interest page. But that’s old school; you no longer have to rely on luck to find that honey.Facebook has evolved from a place where Great Aunt Mildred can stay in touch with out-of-town family members, and moms post recital pics for dads away on business trips- to the smoothest, most available place to mingle on the planet.

Facebook is even promoting itself as the dating hot spot. It is setting itself up for people to PURPOSEFULLY use Facebook to find, attract, and meet that special person… or 2… or 3…. Facebook has unleashed a new option called Graph Search– where people’s interests and relationship statuses are only a fingertip away.

People searching for love, sex, and everything in between will soon have faster, more specific, more successful searches available. You will no longer have to waste time sifting through all of the beautiful women that you come to learn are not really your kind of girls. Facebook is making it so much easier for you. You can find girls based on their favorite music, entertainment, food, and any other interest or past time you are hoping your next possible date will have.

Facebook’s Graph Search– the truth is out. Facebook is the hottest, newest, and best place to meet, talk, and hook up. Mark Zuckerburg himself was thinking about Facebook as a dating tool even while he was creating the social phenomenon. Really though, how could he not? How could anyone not realize that one place full of beautiful, available women, would be the future of dating?

Think about it- if every guy knew that 100 beautiful, gorgeous women were guaranteed to be at the corner bar every Friday night, where would every guy in a 50 mile radius be on Friday nights? Well, that’s Facebook- but it’s GLOBAL. Millions of beautiful, gorgeous women are guaranteed to be there every time you log in. Therefore, it’s only natural that Facebook would become the dominant place for finding and meeting women.

The future of searching, finding, and meeting potential partners is now found in the palm of your hand– better yet- at the touch of your finger. It can be a little intimidating to know that so many people are searching for love all at one time, in the same place. But that’s why FB Inception was created.

This guide will give you the ins and outs of successful Facebook dating. It teaches what to do, what not to do, what mistakes to avoid making, and how to stand out among so many other guys. With this information available to you, the idea of hooking up with the ladies with such ease is almost a relief to those of us who are fed up with the old school, traditional way of meeting new people.

By cutting out the trial-and-error process that most guys will go through when trying to navigate through Facebook as no “specifically a dating site”, FB Inception has already tested and proven the best ways to go about using Facebook as your primary social meeting place. Facebook is the cutting edge of the social world, and FB Inception is one step ahead- already designing, strategizing, and teaching regular guys the best, most effective and successful ways to use Facebook to their advantage.