Facebook Dating vs Traditional Dating

We all know what it’s like out there in the dating world. From clubs to parties, it is really hard to meet the kind of girl you have been looking for. Whether it is because we feel intimidated and insecure, or are just not interested in what’s out there, guys like us find ourselves having the hardest time finding women. Instead of giving up and spending your evenings playing video games, you need to take advantage of Facebook dating.Facebook dating has changed the dating world as we know it. No more wasted time at parties and no more wasting money in bars. Facebook dating allows you to find that perfect, beautiful woman from the comforts of home.

No more worrying about having to buy someone else drinks that may or may not be in to you, and no more time being spent talking to a girl just to find out you have nothing in common. Facebook dating can make meeting that girl you have been hoping for easy and fun.There are so many advantages to Facebook dating, but let’s start with one of the most important aspects. Selection of Women. Compare the number of women you see in a bar to the number of women you can see on Facebook. You have a limitless amount of beautiful women literally at your fingertips. Every type of beautiful woman you can imagine is out there. The hardest part is no longer finding that ONE girl you could be interested in; instead you may struggle with choosing WHICH ladies you really want to talk to.

Facebook dating allows you to skim, scan, pick and choose the type of women you want without any girl knowing you are even interested (or not). Have you ever seen a gorgeous girl in a bar, approached her, talked to her for 30 minutes and then found out you know her ex-boyfriend, you dated her cousin, you hate everything she likes to do, or she just isn’t interested in you? Facebook dating eliminates all that wasted time, embarrassment, and emotion. With a quick look at her wall you can see what friends/people you have in common, what her interests are, what she looks like in all her pics and videos, and even the type of guy she wants (check our her likes, wall posts, and what her male friends are like).

Beyond the amount of available women, and the ease of picking which ladies suit you best, the best part is Facebook dating allows you to meet women without anxiety, nervousness, or fear. Let’s be honest that we all feel more comfortable communicating behind a screen. Whether it’s a phone, tablet, or computer, most of us prefer to talk or chat from behind technology. Facebook dating takes away that uneasy feeling of face-to-face contact and eliminates the fear of rejection, the sting of embarrassment, and the anxiety of starting up a conversation. A few clicks, taps, or keystrokes and you are chatting away. If you find you aren’t interested, it is so much easier not to chat again over never going to the bar she may be at again. If she isn’t interested in you; it doesn’t matter. Why? No one knows you got rejected so your pride stays intact, and because Facebook dating allows you to move on to the next woman without looking back.

With all the advantages Facebook dating has over traditional dating, why would anyone choose NOT to do it? You don’t want to skip the opportunity to have the social life you always wanted with the women you have always dreamed of. Take advantage of all the benefits Facebook dating has to offer and see how well it works for you.