About Tristan Hart – The creator of FB Inception System

Tristan HartHey there, this is Tristan Hart! First I would like to say that I don’t consider myself a Dating Guru or a PUA artist. I can better describe myself as a maverick psychologist specializing in modern dating problems. I am a nonconformist because in comparison to people, who began studying psychology from a treating perspective, I started out as a patient who was treating himself. And I was a patient that was very hard to treat. I am an extreme introvert, and from an early age I developed excessive shyness.

In almost 20 years of studies, experiments and attempts, I finally managed to transition myself from a guy who had no self-esteem into a confident man that girls are attracted to. Everything I did for all these years, I did for myself. I never thought that one day I would be giving advice to other men who have the same problems. I’m certain that if I didn’t have to do it for myself, I wouldn’t have done it so well. As long as a problem doesn’t bother you enough personally, you won’t be able to do the necessary research to find the best solutions for that problem.

I can’t tell exactly what drove me all these years, but I presume that, like most men, I wanted to be popular and not to be considered a loser anymore. I wanted to know how to communicate with girls, to attract beautiful women in my life, and ultimately find a gorgeous woman from all points of view and build a family. I wanted to exceed my limits. I’ve never been satisfied with the average girl, the average job,and I will never be satisfied with “The Average”.

The internet was my salvation. I evolved right along with the evolution of the online world. I discovered people who have been through similar experiences, extraordinary people who dedicated their lives to study the female behavior. I discovered ways to interact with girls online, a thing that helped me treat my shyness.

When the social networks emerged, I was able to go from novice to pro in terms of dating because this was an environment where I felt really comfortable. I realized that Facebook, and its incredible popularity, made the knowledge I acquired from necessity (shyness, frustrations, failures) indispensable for all other men who wanted beautiful women in their lives.

I started to see the mistakes my friends made when trying to take advantage of the social power that Facebook holds when it comes to dating women. Although their mistakes seemed obvious, I noticed that everybody else made them. After a long and insightful discussion with my good friend Dani Carter, I started contemplating about building a faultless system that anyone would be able to use in order attract women on Facebook.

At first it was just a sketch on a piece of paper that contained some simple steps you had to follow. The steps seemed logical for me, but many of my friends couldn’t understand them. That’s when I decided to write a book that would integrate all the information a guy needs to attract girls in real life and on Facebook . That’s how the blueprint of the FB Inception (Your Unfair Dating Advantage) emerged.

I received good feedback from everyone who read FB Inception. My readers understood the ideas in the book, but I started to notice that in their day-to-day lives they found it difficult to implement what they read about. I kept wondering what I was missing.

Meanwhile, I was contacted by numerous readers who wanted to hire me as their personal trainer because they wanted to better understand the concepts contained in the book. I refused every single time. I couldn’t claim $2000 from someone to help him understand a book that I wrote. That would have meant for me to admit that my book was useless.

Finally it hit me! I realized that people no longer needed a book to read before they go to sleep, just to forget everything the next morning when they wake up. People needed a video action guide that would explain everything step-by-step. Not only that, you could assimilate the information much easier, but you would also have to apply what you learned before advancing to the next step.


The idea is simple and very efficient. Every step of the FB Inception system corresponds to a day. The first step in the system represents Day 1 in the action guide which is presented in video format. This way you will be able to incorporate the essentials. You will move to Day 2 only after you master and use the key action steps of Day 1.

The main purpose of the action guide is to keep you moving forward quickly and effectively, because your time matters. You will always know where you are, what’s the next step, and of course, master the previous step. It’s powerful because it is simple.

My personal development went handin-hand with the progress of technology. Now, after 20 years of studies, searches, attempts, and 3 years of intense work, I can finally say that I created a system which is bulletproof! The system embraces technological progression because it radically changes the way you absorb information.

FB Inception is the most advanced dating guide on the market. It not only gives you the information you need to attract beautiful women, but also following the simple steps contained in the 10 Day video action guide, you apply the knowledge you gain before it turns into a memory. At the end of Day 10 you will surely have a beautiful girl in your life. (Or several if that’s your goal!)

FB Inception is an innovative dating system and is 10 years ahead of it’s time. I’m pretty sure there is no other product like this available on the market!


Keep that in mind and you’re on the right path to success!