8 Topics To Avoid When Meeting Someone New

We are always excited and anxious when we are meeting someone new or just getting introduced to a hot girl that could someday go out with us. I know there a lot of times when you either run out of things to say so you talk from the top of your head, or you are a little too nervous so you just start rambling on. Neither one of these is a good idea, and doesn’t make a good first impression. Do you know why? Because you inevitably start talking abut things that you should not.

By this I mean, you either offend this new beautiful lady, talk about things that bore her, may bring up controversial topics, or you could even disgust her depending n her likes and dislikes (ex: hunting, shooting, etc). Going in with knowledge makes every encounter more successful. And I want you to succeed with the ladies. So let’s talk about some topics to avoid when first meeting a woman.

The old stand by, politics and religion, go into affect here. Always avoid political and religious discussions. Somewhere you will not agree with her thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, a heated debate (if not actual argument) will ensue, and it will make her mad. She thinks she’s right, so what kind of impression are you making by telling her she’s wrong? Common sense should tell you, never make a girl mad on your first encounter.

Because you are unsure of her personality and how open she is, avoid bringing up sexual content. She doesn’t want to hear sex jokes, dirty comments, or sexual innuendoes. All this does is confirm her belief that all guys just want one thing. Along these lines, don’t encourage that belief by complimenting her body arts. “You have beautiful eyes,” is an appropriate and flattering topic. “You have a nice ass,” is obviously inappropriate for a first meeting. Best bet, avoid bringing up her parts .And following along that same path, DO NOT talk about one-night-stands. Do not detail yours, do not ask her to have one, do not even bring it up. You have no idea what her position is on these issues, or on sex at all. So just follow the general rule, “keep it clean guys, keep it clean”.

You probably don’t want to hear about her old boyfriends, and she doesn’t want to hear about your old flames. Whether you have great things to say or horrible stories, do not bring up exes. You’re damned either way. If you say something nice to say, she will think you are still hooked. If you have something mean to say, she will think you are a jerk. Just the fact you are talking about an ex shows that you are THINKING about an ex. Avoid old girlfriends altogether.

Avoid concentrating on yourself. If you know what you are doing, she will figure out how great you are. You don’t need to announce it. Don’t list your accomplishments and skills. This isn’t a job interview, it’s a potential date. So don’t bore her by talking about how fabulous you are. If you all do is talk about YOU, she will get bored with YOU and move on to someone else.

Finally, have some common sense and use your manners. Don’t talk about people in a negative way. And don’t poke fun at people around you. First of all, you have no idea who she knows and you could be walking into a big mess by putting down someone she likes or respects. Also, you don’t want to come across as being judgmental, close minded, or holier than thou. No one wants to talk to someone who thinks they are better than other people.

This is a great summary of things you need to avoid when meeting someone new. If you stay away from all of these image-killing topics , you will have a much better chance of having a second meeting.